The Hotel

Ever since it opened adjacent to the Federal Palace in the heart of the old town of Bern in 1913, the BELLEVUE PALACE has been the first port of call in the Swiss capital and an attraction in its own right. Since 2012, the five-star superior hotel has been the official hotel for guests of the state – a place where more than 100 years of history comes to life. With architectural charms that comfortably accommodate luxurious, modern-day conveniences, the BELLEVUE PALACE is a temple of hospitality with 128 elegant rooms and suites.

Its many lounges feature dazzling gilded mirrors, stucco and crystal, exuding a Grandeur, guests can sense throughout the hotel. Diners in the excellent restaurant savor both culinary specialties and panoramic views of the River Aare and the majestic mountains beyond. Thanks to the sumptuous interiors of the bar and lobby, the BELLEVUE PALACE is also a meeting place for the society set to enjoy superior cocktails.